Conference photos

Photos from this year’s conference have been posted. If you have others that you are willing to contribute, please send … More

Evaluation Questionaire Results

Thank you for your participation in ICoME 2017. We appreciated receiving your comments to our evaluation questionnaire.We hope to see … More

Conference Evaluation Questionnaire

Thank you for your participation at ICoME 2017. Please complete the ICoME 2017 Evaluation Questionnaire to review and comment on your conference experience. The due … More

Announcements: Aug 3

Thank you for your participation and sharing at ICoME 2017. We are pleased with the variety and quality of your … More

Where to meet us?

Welcome to ICoME 2017 at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. ICoME 2017 will begin shortly. For general events and where … More

Keynote speaker

ICoME 2017 announces the keynote speaker for 2017, Dr. Wilhelmina (Willi) Savenye, Professor of Learning Design and Technologies / Educational Technology at … More