Session Schedule for August 2, 2017

Wednesday August 2, 2017 (subject to change, check back frequently)

Session A – 11:20-12:20

Executive Dining Room – Concurrent Session A – *Chair Person

  • 17029c (abstract | no paper)
    Informal learning environments: The case of Facebook Live
    *Meng-Fen Grace Lin, University of Hawaii, USA

  • 17022c (abstract | paper)
    Effects of Performance and Recognition about Active Learning by using Tablet PC: focus on Public Self-Consciousness of Elementary and Junior High School Students
    -Takeshi Kitazawa, Tokyo Gakugei University, Japan

  • 17098c (abstract | paper)
    The effect of elementary school students’ learning style, teaching presence, cognitive presence, and social presence on the satisfaction and academic achievement in flipped learning
    -Seonga Lee, Wooyong Eom, HeeMyeong Lee, Keimyung University, Republic of Korea

CC 307 – Student Round Table Session A

  • 17002s (abstract | paper)
    Design of a need-based situated learning environment for  adult learners in an English for Specific Purposes (ESP) program in Mali

    -Ousmane Traore, International Christian University (ICU), Japan

  • 17010s (abstract | paper)
    The Self-Censorship on Educational Comics after Lifting Martial Law (1987) in Taiwan: Conflicting Views toward Communist Regimes
    -Hung-yi Chien, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

  • 17097s (abstract | paper)
    Mathematics Teachers’ Intention to Use a Chinese Online Education Platform, Junyi Academy, and Perceptions of Its Impact on Instruction and Student Outcomes in Rural Elementary and Junior High Schools in Taiwan
    -Ya-Yun Yang, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA

CC 308 – Student Round Table Session A

  • 17084s (abstract | paper)
    Improving the motivation of students by active engagement in a collaborative exchange project
    -Atsushi Kishida and Kenichi Kubota, Kansai University, Japan

  • 17006s (abstract | paper)
    A Practice of Incorporating Audio Presentations into Reading Circle Learning
    -Qihui Hu and Yoichi Nonaka, Gakugei University, Japan

  • 17093s (abstract | paper)
    Evaluating Usability of a Positive Behavior Reward App for Faculty and Students at a Local Elementary and Intermediate School
    -Ashley Callahan, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA
  • 17110s (abstract | paper)
    Learning Analytics based Design Guidelines for Online Discussion Activities
    -Mina Yoo, (Seoul National University), Sung-Hee Jin (Inha University), Tae-Hyun Kim (POSCO Group University), Republic of Korea

CC 309 – Student Round Table Session A

  • 17049s (abstract | paper)
    The Analysis of Personalized Learning Path of Physics in Junior Middle School in Intelligent Learning Environment
    -Linglang Zhao and Shao-Chun Zhong, Northeast Normal University, China

  • 17059s (abstract | paper)
    Development and Evaluation of Statistical Literacy Scales Focused on Critical Aspects
    -Shunya Koga, University of Tsukuba, Japan

  • 17053s (abstract | paper)
    Engaging first year students in online coursework
    -Kurt Rutter, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA

CC 310 – Student Round Table Session A

  • 17099s (abstract | paper)
    The Use of Gamification Elements in An Online Course to Increase Learner Engagement and Motivation
    -Francisco V. Jumawan, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA

  • 17033s (abstract | paper)
    How Do Students Use SNS to Sustain Cross-cultural Collaboration?
    -Suguru Yamagishi (Kei Masano, Akihito Yoshii, and Takayuki Konno), Meisei University, Japan

  • 17037s (abstract | paper)
    How Teaching Assistants Benefit from Helping in Large Classes
    -Yo Ka and Kenichi Kubota, Kansai University, Japan

12:20 – Lunch (on your own)

Session B – 13:30-14:30

Executive Dining Room – Concurrent Session B – *Chair Person

  • 17003c (abstract | paper)
    A Study on Using e -Portfolio for Curriculum Management
    *Wakio Oyanagi, Nara University of Education, Japan

  • 17068c (abstract | paper)
    Analysis of Teachers’ View Using an Eye-tracking Camera System — Difference between an Expert Teacher and a Novice Teacher
    -Masa-aki Taniguchi (Tsutomu Hirayama, and Akifumi Goto), Meijo University, Japan

  • 17046c (abstract | paper)
    Research on STEM interdisciplinary integration model based on educational artificial intelligence
    -Yewei Tang, Northeast Normal University, China

CC 307 – Student Round Table Session B – *Chair Person

  • 17069s (abstract | paper)
    Active Learning Outcomes of a High School Information Class
    -Takaya Komori and Kenichi Kubota, Kansai University, Japan

  • 17040s (abstract | paper)
    Using SNS and Face-to-face Communication to Build Relationships in a Collaborative Project between Japan and Hawaii
    -Ayato Nishida (Nicholas Bly, and Kotone Ishikawa), Kansai University, Japan

  • 17100s (abstract | paper)
    Examining the Structural Relationships among Online Learning Readiness, Perceived Level of Presences, Learner Satisfaction and Persistence using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)
    -Songyi Beak (Taeho Yu, Dongjin Kim, Innwoo Park, Eunjoo Lee, Mina Kang, Meehyang Nam, Jin Yong Park, and Minkyoung Kim), Korea University, Republic of Korea

  • 17091s (abstract | paper)
    From Paper to Pixels: A Usability Study of a Tsunami Safety E-Booklet
    -Leon R. Geschwind, TBG at NOAA Office for Coastal Management, USA

CC 308 – Faculty Round Table Session B – *Chair Person

  • 17024f (abstract | paper)
    Interactive e-Books in Primary Education: Lessons Learned
    *Cengiz Hakan Aydin, Anadolu University, Turkey

  • 17071f (abstract | paper)
    Development of Spherical Panorama VR Learning Materials about the Pearl Harbor Attack
    -Norio Setozaki (Satoshi Matsushita and Toru Nagahama), Nagasaki University, Japan

CC 309 – Student Round Table Session B

  • 17094s (abstract | paper)
    Using Learning Styles to Differentiate: A Usability Study of a Teacher Resource Website

    -Jennifer Smith, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA
  • 17038s (abstract | paper)
    Using Technology to Become Aware of Environmental Problems in Japan
    -Ayano Ura (Shuto Nakamura, and Honoka Katayama), Kansai University, Japan
  • 17065s (abstract | paper)
    How Do Teaching Assistants Can promote student’s Motivation in a large classroom?
    -Yoshitaka Kimura and Kenichi Kubota, Kansai University, Japan
  • 17023s (abstract | paper)
    Problem about Group Reflection in Fieldwork
    -Arata Torii and Kenichi Kubota, Kansai University, Japan

CC 310 – Student Round Table Session B

  • 17008c (abstract | paper)
    Teacher Training Program for Designing Project Based Learning Units by Learning Activity Cards and Rubric Database
    -Tadashi Inagaki (Michitaka Toyoda, Yasushi Goto, and Akiyo Matsumoto), Tohoku Gakuin University, Japan

  • 17095s (abstract | paper)
    Augmented Dissection

    -Joshua Jeong, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA

  • 17050s (abstract | paper)
    Less biodiversity, what’s happened?
    -Junpei Hayashi (Shota Yasumoto, Mai Kubota, Jayson Gose, and Kristen Feato), Kansai University, Japan
  • 17018s (abstract | paper)
    What Promotes Practical Activities in Education for International Understanding? ~A Case Study of the Period for Integrated Studies in an Elementary School Japan
    -Megumi Munesue (Natsuki Watanabe, Honami Kimura and Takayuki Konno), Meisei University, Japan

Session C – 14:50-15:50

Executive Dining Room – Concurrent Session C – *Chair Person

  • 17066c (abstract | no paper)
    Thinking in Levels: Using a Simulation to Explore Globalization in the Classroom
    *Seungoh Paek and Daniel L. Hoffman, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA

  • 17074c (abstract | paper)
    How learning styles influence students’ learning experience with lecture video played at different speeds
    -Toru Nagahama and Yusuke Morita, Waseda University, Japan

  • 17103c (abstract | paper)
    The potential of mobile application development education in the era of maker movement: A case study using the authoring tool

    -Seonghye Yoon, (Ewha Womans University), YoungTae, Kim (Yonsei University), Woori Kang (BIPLUG, Inc.), Republic of Korea

CC 307 – Student Round Table Session C

  • 17092s (abstract | paper)
    Usability Study on a WordPress Homepage
    -Karen Fujii, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA

  • 17039s (abstract | paper)
    How Augmented Reality Influenced Learning  of High School Students
    -Nodoka Yamamoto and Kenichi Kubota, Kansai University, Japan

  • 17073s (abstract | paper)
    How iterate hi-speed lecture video of declarative knowledge influences students’ learning
    -Yukako Miyanishi (Toru Nagahama and Yusuke Morita), Waseda University, Japan
  • 17051s (abstract | paper)
    Preserving Cultural Traditions through an International Collaborative Project

    -Mayu Yamashiro (Shotaro Kakuzen and Kā’eo Davis), Kansai University, Japan

CC 308 – Faculty Round Table Session C – *Chair Person

  • 17001f (abstract | paper)
    Impacts of MOOCs on Higher Education: Access, Quality, and Cost
    *Insung Jung, International Christian University, Japan and Ilju Rha, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea

  • 17121f (abstract | paper)
    The Application Research of Visual Thinking Tools in Junior English Reading Class
    -Yiping Qiu, Foshan University & No. 6 Middle School, China

  • 17063f (abstract | paper)
    An analysis of relevance between instructor’s presence in lecture video and students’ learning styles
    -Yusuke Morita (Takuya Arichi and Toru Nagahama), Waseda University, Japan

CC 309 – Student Round Table Session C

  • 17041s (abstract | paper)
    Learning about Biodiversity
    -Taro Omote (Nina Mano and Han Quach), Kansai University, Japan

  • 17070s (abstract | paper)
    Transforming Students’ Perception of Learning through Active Learning

    -Tomoya Ikezawa, Kansai University, Japan

  • 17090s (abstract | paper)
    Open School: Developing and Evaluating An Open E-Learning Platform for the Cambodian People

    -Sokunthearith Makara, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA

  • 17122s (abstract | paper)
    ICT Utilization in Moral Education
    -Tomoki Moriguchi, Kansai University, Japan

CC 310 – Student Round Table Session C – *Chair Person

  • 17064s (abstract | paper)
    Relations between Grit, Mathematics Self-regulated Learning and Mathematics Problem Solving
    -Yuno Shimizu (Ko Yamamoto, Naoshi Musha, Tatsuya Narita, and Satoshi Onuma), Keio University, Japan

  • 17048s (abstract | paper)
    Student’s Learning through a US-Japan Collaborative Project
    -Keisuke Nishide (Miki Takeuchi and Payden Amoy), Kansai University, Japan

  • 17035s (abstract | paper)
    Patterns of Contribution and Levels of Cognitive Engagement in an Asynchronous Text-based Collaborative Activity: A Pilot Study among Online Students in the Philippines
    -Gibran A. Garcia Mendoza (Figueroa Roberto, Jr. and Hui Thian Teo), International Christian University (ICU), Japan

Session D – 16:10-17:10

Executive Dining Room – Concurrent Session D – *Chair Person

  • 17042c (abstract | paper)
    PERLS: Pervasive Learning Systems for Chinese language learning
    *Ken Kiyohara, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA

  • 17081c (abstract | paper)
    Strategy of Language Activities to Nurture Human Relationships −A Method of Role and Claim Fixed Group Discussion−
    -Hisayoshi Inoue, Joetsu University of Education, Japan

  • 17004c (abstract | paper)
    Designing Online Instruction for developing Cultural Intelligence (CQ): Intercultural journeys in a blended learning environment
    -Peter W. Roux and Katsuaki Suzuki, Saga University and Kumamoto University, Japan

CC 308 – Faculty Round Table Session D

  • 17123f (abstract | paper)
    Constructing Blended Teaching Model to Improve Critical Thinking
    -Lu Dan and Xie Yueguang, Northeast Normal University, China

  • 17054f (abstract | paper)
    Online Learners Cultural Differences and Their Communication Tool Preferences

    -Irem Erdem-Aydin, Anadolu University, Turkey

  • 17031f (abstract | paper)
    Evaluation of the Intuition Levels of Construction Engineers -Electroencephalogram Measurement for 24 Construction Engineers

    -Masao Yamasaki, Hosei University, Japan

17:30 – Welcome and Reception – Ballroom