Young Scholar Awards

Congratulations to our ICoME 2017 Young Scholar Award winners. Each student presenter received an award certificate presented at the Awards Ceremony on Thursday evening, August 3.  Award winners are identified in BOLD characters below.

The Self-Censorship on Educational Comics after Lifting Martial Law (1987) in Taiwan: Conflicting Views toward Communist Regimes
Hung-yi Chien, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

A Practice of Incorporating Audio Presentations into Reading Circle Learning
Qihui Hu & Yoichi Nonaka, Gakugei University, Japan

Evaluating Usability of a Positive Behavior Reward App for Faculty and Students at a Local Elementary and Intermediate School
Ashley Callahan, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA

The Analysis of Personalized Learning Path of Physics in Junior Middle School in Intelligent Learning Environment
Linglang Zhao & Shao-Chun Zhong, Northeast Normal University, China

How Teaching Assistants Benefit from Helping in Large Classes
Yo Ka & Kenichi Kubota, Kansai University, Japan

Examining the Structural Relationships among Online Learning Readiness, Perceived Level of Presences, Learner Satisfaction and Persistence using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)
Songyi Beak (Taeho Yu, Dongjin Kim, Innwoo Park, Eunjoo Lee, Mina Kang, Meehyang Nam, Jin Yong Park, and Minkyoung Kim), Korea University, Republic of Korea

Using Technology to Become Aware of Environmental Problems in Japan
Ayano Ura, Shuto Nakamura & Honoka Katayama, Kansai University, Japan

Augmented Dissection
Joshua Jeong, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA

What Promotes Practical Activities in Education for International Understanding? ~A Case Study of the Period for Integrated Studies in an Elementary School Japan
Megumi Munesue, Natsuki Watanabe, Honami Kimura & Takayuki Konno), Meisei University, Japan

How Iterate Hi-Speed Lecture Video of Declarative Knowledge Influences Students’ Learning
Yukako Miyanishi, Toru Nagahama & Yusuke Morita), Waseda University, Japan

Open School: Developing and Evaluating An Open E-Learning Platform for the Cambodian People
Sokunthearith Makara, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA

Patterns of Contribution and Levels of Cognitive Engagement in an Asynchronous Text-based Collaborative Activity: A Pilot Study among Online Students in the Philippines
Mendoza Gibran A. Garcia, Roberto Figueroa, Jr. & Hui Thian Teo, International Christian University (ICU), Japan

Winners were selected from student roundtable sessions where students were the main presenter(s). Awards were presented only to students even if the paper was co-authored with a faculty advisor.

A group of volunteer faculty led by Dr. Seungoh Paek of the University of Hawaii at Manoa evaluated each of the student roundtable sessions.